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Michael Frank is a journalist and editor who has spent the past twenty-five years in both print and online media, as well as consulting on projects for multinational corporations, small startups, and academic institutions. His work as an editor led to two National Magazine Award-winning projects for both Esquire and National Geographic Adventure. Michael has contributed to dozens of outlets, from The Atlantic to Men’s Journal, Men’s Fitness, Outside Magazine, Virtuoso Life, Coolhunting and Consumer Reports. In 2017 his work for The Atlantic on undocumented immigrants in the farm sector brought him wide acclaim, and he spoke about his work on the project for WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show. Also: Michael should not be confused with the musician, Michael Franks; I did not write "Popsicle Toes." Asking him if he's heard of Michael Franks will draw a deep sigh, and cause him to wonder what, exactly, his parents were thinking... Contact Michael: